The Bandwagon is Open

Kevin Perrott is a touch less charitable than I was in response to the Longevity Dividend announcement: "Now.. where have I heard this before? Oh yeah.. its just what Aubrey de Grey has been saying for YEARS! ... Why don't the authors simply say it like it is, that living as long as a person wants to live is the goal. The 'compression of morbidity' is a red-herring meant to assure people that they do not have to have some existential angst triggered by the fact that someday death may not come [through] aging at all. ... How disappointing it is to see the more than realistic proposals of SENS treated in such a off-hand and perjorative manner by people advocating healthy life-extension. It is even more disappointing to not even have Aubrey de Grey mentioned although it is virtually certain that without his sabre-rattling we would not be reading even this meager pronouncement."



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