$75,000 For the Methuselah Foundation

Larger donations are starting to roll into the Methuselah Foundation on a semi-regular basis now, a result of the good work done by Foundation volunteers and the tireless efforts of biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey - and of course, a result of the actions of the many people who have stepped up to donate in support of the MPrize for anti-aging research over the past three years. It is the breadth and variety of modest donations, helping hands and expressions of support that illustrates the worth of the Foundation's mission to wealthy philanthropists and funding organizations.

A check for $50,000 for LysoSENS research arrived last week from entrepreneur Jay Walker, and today I have this from Foundation cofounder Dave Gobel:

We are in receipt of a check for $25,000 from the Novogratz Family Foundation :-) The donor wishes the funds to be applied:

- $12,500 to the Rejuvenation Mprize
- $12,500 to SENS Research and administration

Well done all!

If you are new to the Methuselah Foundation and its mission, consider reinforcing this success by joining The Three Hundred. Show your support for the development of real, working methods to eliminate age-related frailty and extend the healthy human life span!

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Always great to hear news like this. :)

Posted by: liveforever22 at April 25th, 2006 3:55 PM

Nice people like this are my idols. I've been making more and more money in my new equity trading job.. I'm aiming over the next year to give about 5k to anti-aging research. Hopefully the year after quite a bit more.

What do you think is the best way to give. I'm thinking to the lysosens project.

Posted by: aa2 at April 25th, 2006 6:24 PM

I donate to the rejuvenation prize, but I think the choice to fund research now is equally valid. The LysoSENS projects are the foothold for the nascent Institute for Biomedical Gerontology - in whatever form it eventually takes. By funding this research, you help to lay the ground for a research institution based on SENS.

Posted by: Reason at April 25th, 2006 6:35 PM

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