Blogging the Calorie Restriction Society Conference

With calorie restriction bubbling forth here, there and everywhere since the recent CALERIE study publications, the ever voluble MPrize volunteer April Smith is blogging the 4th annual Calorie Restriction Society Conference in Tucson, Arizona.

The night before:

I'm so excited to be going to the conference. It's 80 degrees in Tucson, lots of my friends will be there, the magnificent Aubrey de Grey will be in attendance, and my CR needs some rejuvenation.

Day one:

We shared a cab with Aubrey and legendary CR researcher Luigi Fontana and arrived just as the welcoming reception was going into full swing. It was wonderful to catch up with all my old friends from last time and also to meet new friends.


The thing I find most inspiring about the CR Conferences is that everyone here is enjoying life so much that they want to keep living, and are willing to do what it takes to do so. We're feeling great now, and we plan to keep on feeling great. We're looking forward to the dawn of radical bio-aging biomedicine, but we're taking control of our lives and health in the meantime. As Aubrey said, "The party is already starting."

The Calorie Restriction Society conferences are one of the more visible signs of collaboration and mutual support between the scientific and calorie restriction communities - the two sides coming together to get things done and make progress more effectively than either could alone. May it continue.

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