A Reminder of the Cost of Aging

Kevin Perrott provides a reminder of the cost of degenerative aging - a cost we are doing far too little to mitigate: "our ability to reduce the suffering of the aging process will require the use of technologies that have yet to be developed ... The need for such technologies is great. In Canada, according to the Insitute on Aging, the cost of age-related disease is growing rapidly. In 1993, musculoskeletal degeneration led to costs of more than 20 billion dollars, exceeding those of cancer ($13b) or cardiovascular problems ($19.8b). In the U.S. over 220 billion dollars per year is spent on giving the dependent elderly some quality of life as they deal with debilitating conditions. ... The benefits to slowing or preventing the degeneration that eventually occurs to even those who live the healthiest of lifestyles are obvious."

Link: http://www.healthextension.net/archives/2006/05/expensive_agere.html


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