Chapter's End

As noted via Betterhumans, the Extropy Institute has announced its dissolution.

ExI deems its mission as essentially completed. With this said, and in respect for Extropy Institute's legacy of achievement, the Board voted and has unanimously agreed to close Extropy Institute's doors.

Extropy Institute's website is being memorialized by turning it into a reference "Library of Transhumanism, Extropy, and the Future," - the beginnings, currents, and future of Transhumanism.

On behalf of our members, I would like to thank Max for authoring the philosophy of Extropy and for his many efforts in working with others to steer the philosophical development of transhumanism, which is truly treasured by so many people in so many places.

From where I stand, this is a post-hoc official stamp on the end of a chapter in the ongoing growth of transhumanist ideas - such as, and most importantly in my view, the path to radical life extension. Chapter's end was effectively a few years ago, as it became clear that the Extropy Institute was not intending to attempt the same sort of expansive transition engineered by the Foresight Nanotech Institute. As I recall, around the time the Proactionary Principle was solidified, I wrote in a private email to Max More and Natasha Vita-More that "the Extropy Institute has essentially achieved its original goals." After all, look around. Topics such as radical life extension were only discussed in small groups and modest forums not so long ago; these same topics are now fodder for the evening news, while efforts aimed at large scale fundraising for research are underway. For radical life extension, we are moving beyond futurists and into the age of patient advocates and scientists. This was the point, and it has come to pass as the result of hard work from many, many people and organizations.

For those new to the healthy life extension community - which will be many of you, given the growth in interest and number of organizations in the past couple of years - this is probably all ancient subcultural history. But it's important ancient history, because these folk worked hard to bring healthy life extension - and many other related concepts, such as nanomedicine - in from the fringes. If you weren't thinking adult thoughts back a decade or two, it might be a shock to see just how much more remote and ridiculed was any discussion of meaningful anti-aging and longevity science.

You can draw lines of association between the open salon that was the Extropy Institute and almost everyone of note in the pro-healthy life extension community. While I can't claim to be "of note," and my support for a future of greatly extended healthy longevity came about as a bolt from the blue long before my involvement with the community, it was via the Extropy Insitute forums that I came to be involved. For that matter, those forums were how I came to needle myself into running a position platform website, leading to all of the meaningful involvements that came afterwards.

As a final thought, you are defined more by what you choose to discard than by what you choose to keep, and there will be a time of discard for each and every thing you hold. Directed change is vital if the concepts developed in the past are to shape and inform the future, rather than hold it back.

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The alternative for transhumanists who reject the Marxists/communists/socialist dominated
'World Transhumanist Association.'

The WTS stands for

If you believe in the defeat of disease, halt to aging, and expansion of mental and physical capacities through medicine, not prayer...

BUT REJECT UTTERLY THE CONTROL OF NEW BIOTECHNOLOGIES BY A 'WORLD STATE'(as advocated by the controller of the 'World Transhumanist Association', 'James Hughes')...

please express your agreement with the attitude that will be promoted, heavily, by the



Simon Young, author DESIGNER EVOLUTION: A Transhumanist Manifesto
(New York: Prometheus Books, 2006)

Posted by: Simon Young at May 9th, 2006 7:18 PM

Libertarians are a minority today, and almost all of what passes for politics in modern representative democracies is basically socialism under some guise or another. So it is not surprising that any growing movement will come to be representative of and represented by people of a socialist bent.

Sadly, most such folk fail to see the irony and waste inherent in fighting for the power necessary to force their vision of what is allowed upon as many people as possible. Supporting a system that can squash you flat when the winds change just doesn't seem smart when considering all the possible, more free alternatives - such as developing the means to open a new frontier and leaving.

I can't fault your enthusiasm, but you need to work on the presentation.

Posted by: Reason at May 9th, 2006 10:24 PM

Reason wrote:

"almost all of what passes for politics in modern representative democracies is basically socialism under some guise or another. So it is not surprising that any growing movement will come to be representative of and represented by people of a socialist bent."

I disagree. One recent example: the new Conservative leader in the UK makes his selling point the statement "there IS such a thing as society, it's just not the same thing as the state," thus distinguishing between 'social concern' (good) and socialism (bad). Socialism means, specifically, state control of resources. Over 100 email replies already to my announcement of the foundation of the WTS tells me that there's plenty of Transhumanist sympathizers who strongly reject the belief in the control of future minds and bodies by either corporations or the state, whether national or international.

I'll be continuing to present my beliefs in as strong, direct, no nonsense, and simple a way as possible.

Simon Young

Posted by: Simon Young at May 13th, 2006 12:29 PM
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