Doleful Idiocy

The last of the set of anti-life-extension articles at LiveScience is now up; more handwaving and psychobabble to try and justify suffering and death that could be prevented in the decades ahead. What to make of an "ethicist" who is so sure that you would be bored as a healthy, active, limber 100-year-old, he would see you die in pain from any number of presently incurable age-related conditions rather than support healthy life extension research? "I don't believe that if you give most people longer lives, even in better health, they are going to find new opportunities and new initiatives. They will want to come and play more golf maybe, but they aren't going to contribute lots of brand new ideas, at least the ones I know." I think I join many, many people in saying "speak for yourself" and "you don't know what you're talking about."


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