Google Health to Launch Soon

Via Digg, news of a new feature for health-related searching soon to be rolled out at Google.

Google will launch a new feature Wednesday: Google Health, that will help you find treatments, symptoms or alternative medicine treatments. You can try it today (be sure to set your Google interface to English).

I think a number of readers here will no doubt be using this in their research; try this link to a search on Alzheimer's to see the additions above the search results - and note that they change, expand and mutate depending on what you've chosen in the past. "From medical establishment" followed by "For health professionals" brings up whole list of helpful subcategories, such as clinical trials - I can see that being very helpful for many folk. But give it a whirl, see what you think.

From spending a little time with this, it seems to address a number of issues that made Google less helpful for background research into age-related conditions - you can even dive in with aging itself, although it's clear that more general terms benefit less from this refinement than specific named conditions. All the more reason to continue carving up the roots and results of degenerative aging into smaller named packages.

UPDATE: Looks like those links are already non-functional, or rather plain vanilla Google once more - we'll have to wait until the day.

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I am, at 91,in more then reasonably good health.
I am looking forward with great interest to your website to educate me further, being a student of
Natural/Nutritional/Orthomolecular (Linus Pauling),Anti-Aging Medicine, for the last 27
years, as opposed to ALLOPATHIC Medicine.Am about
to start to study REGENERATIVE Medicine.
Regards, Jeff Tabrizi, Budapest, Hungary

Posted by: Jeff Tabrizi at May 9th, 2006 4:18 AM

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