Human Enhancement and Longevity

The New Scientist looks at the future of human health and longevity, amongst other enhancements that biotechnology could bring: "It is 2050, and Peter Schwartz is deciding what to do with the rest of his life. He has already had two successful careers and he wants another one before he dies, which he expects to happen in around 50 years. By then he'll be about 150, which isn't bad for a baby boomer, but he expects his son, now 60, to live a lot longer than that. The world that Schwartz lives in is radically different from the one he grew up in. The industrial and information age has passed into history, overtaken by a revolution in bioscience." This wonderous future of radical life extension is by no means a sure thing, however - a great deal of work is needed just to create the culture and infrastructure required for significant progress towards longer, healthier lives. If we do not stand up and help, we will certainly age, suffer and die all too soon.



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