Indian Stem Cell Heart Therapies

Express Pharma examines the present state of first generation stem cell therapies in India: "Hurkisondas hospital, under the guidance of Shah has treated seven to eight patients with stem cells so far ... Four patients have been re-studied after a period of six months and we have found that their cardiac indices have improved ... Stem Cell Research centre located at Manipal Hospital is actively involved in stem cell research and currently focussing on both adult and embryonic stem cells. Currently, Phase I clinical trial for safety and efficacy studies of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells is going on [for] myocardial infarction ... [the All India Institute of Medical Sciences] too has conducted a study on 35 cardiac patients, who have been injected with stem cells and have been monitored at six, 12 and 18 month intervals. ... Six months later, 56 percent of the dead muscle area injected with these cells had shown improvement. After eighteen months, this went up to 64 percent."



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