LiveScience on the MPrize

LiveScience redeems itself somewhat for the past few days of anti-life-extension nonsense with a straightforward piece on the MPrize for anti-aging research and the SENS Challenge: "Anyone debating the scientific feasibility of extending the human life span will find that it's only a matter of time before the name "Aubrey de Grey" comes up. The controversial Cambridge University researcher has been making news in recent years by claiming that humans could soon enjoy thousand-year lifetimes and by helping to establish two contests: one to spur anti-aging research and another to debunk his own audacious claims. In 2003, de Grey helped establish [with entrepreneur Dave Gobel] the Methuselah Foundation and create the M-Prize, a $1.5 million award available to any scientist who can slow or reverse the effects of aging in mice. Private donations made since 2003 have bumped the prize value up to nearly $3.5 million."



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