Looking to the Future

Worthwhile thoughts from Gregory Stock can be found in this press release: "Evolving science and technology, including genomics and nanomedicine, will radically alter healthcare in a way that will 'transcend biological limits that other generations have only dreamed of,' ... The next frontier is not space, it's our own selves. We are reworking our biology. This will change the way we have children, change the way we manage our emotional states and will even alter our life spans. ... These developments are not only going to reshape medicine and healthcare, they are going to alter the fabric of humanity. ... We have entered a new millennium and long before the next one arrives, future human beings will look back and see it not as a horrible moment in time when we trashed this environment, but will see it as a glorious moment that laid the very foundation for our future."

Link: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/060518/phth042.html


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