More RNAi Versus Cancer

Age-related cancer must be efficiently and effectively stopped in its tracks as a part of the first decades of the healthy life extension revolution; no sense in fixing all the other age-related damage if that just means ever more cancer and little more life. RNA interference (RNAi) seems like the next tool for the job based on present research: "scientists were the first to use what are known as 'small interfering RNAs' to block the spread of human colorectal cancer cells implanted in laboratory mice. Small interfering RNAs (siRNAs), first described in 2001, are tiny bits of genetic material that can prevent the translation of genes into proteins - including specific proteins involved in biochemical reactions that promote cancer and other diseases. ... Over the last couple of years people have talked a lot about cell-culture studies of siRNAs, but only a handful of labs have pushed it to animal models, which we need to do before going on to clinical trials."



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