People Die Too Young

Methuselah Foundation volunteer April Smith writes an obituary, making the points that should always be made: "When we talk about the possible lifespan gains from [calorie restriction (CR)], people often ask if the five or ten or even twenty years that we might gain from CR are worth the trouble. When I think about what Jaroslav Pelikan could have done with five, ten, or twenty more years, I have to answer a resounding YES! ... what books would he have written between 82 and 85? Between 85 and 90? Between 90 and 100? What lectures would he have given, what students would he have inspired? The world has lost a great thinker, teacher, and writer, and I believe he died too young. It's a classic example of how bodies begin to deteriorate at just the point when experience and education combine to form tremendous wisdom. Death steals wisdom from the world, and I don't think we should quietly accept this theft."



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