Repairing Humans via Brain Prosthesis

From ABC12, an unexpectedly transhumanist look at the near future of medical research: "Over the years, we've heard miraculous stories about people getting artificial arms, legs, even hearts. Some doctors say they can create artificial [brain parts] that may help millions of people with diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and epilepsy. ... neuroscientist Theodore Berger has developed the first artificial brain part - a hippocampus to help people with Alzheimer's form new memories. ... There's no reason why we can't think in terms of artificial brain parts in the same way we can think in terms of artificial eyes and artificial ears ... Information would come into the brain the same way, but would be re-routed to a computer chip, bypassing the damaged area of the hippocampus. ... What we're hoping to do is replace at least enough of that function, so there's a significant improvement in the quality of life."


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