State of Alzheimer's Research

From, a look at the present state of research into Alzheimer's disease: "I think there is really hope that something will work in the next two to five years. It will not completely prevent the disease or reverse it, but it will have an effect on the disease process ... I think with Alzheimer's, we're now at where we were with cancer in the '70s. We have a sense of the problem, we know where we'd like to be in 20 years, but we don't know how we're going to get there. ... What we're seeing now is an explosion in understanding Alzheimer's that is underpinned by the last 30 years or so of very, very fundamental, basic science ... a lot of the major [pharmaceutical] companies [see] that clearly there's a market out there now. They are getting involved, and the venture capitalists are looking for good opportunities."



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