Video of Aubrey de Grey at TED2006

The Methuselah Foundation volunteers have posted video of biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey's presentation at TED2006 earlier this year. As always, TED was an interesting event attended by interesting people, though the reporting was pretty thin (by design).

TED2006 is one of the premier gatherings of influential and forward thinking individuals in the world. At this conference you will find everything from the most esoteric design ideas to the most practical solutions to global problems, and it is certainly an occasion where the message of the need for eliminating age-related diseases resonates.

Direct links to the video:

Real Media format (77MB)
MPG Format (107MB)

Please be kind and help the Foundation by not using all their bandwidth. If folk in the community would like to sort out the organization of torrents, or posting these videos to YouTube, Google Video and the like, it would be most appreciated.

Quite a few other interesting videos reside in the MPrize multimedia section; take the time to browse while you're there.

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