35th AGE Annual Meeting Starts

As Kevin Perrott notes, the 35th American Aging Association (AGE) annual meeting gets underway tomorrow. "The broad theme selected for the AGE 2006 meeting is Interventions in Aging and Age-related Diseases: The Present and the Future. ... The first day is comparison of caloric restriction (CR) in model organisms which I think will be a very helpful in integrating what is known about CR into a more coherent picture of what it might mean for its effectiveness in humans. There are more than a couple of Mprize researchers making presentations so it should be particularly interesting. Day two is focusing on the role of mitochondria in aging and the mechanisms behind sarcopenia and osteoporosis. Day three continues in the same fashion of discussing the physiological basis for aging syndromes of the skin and immune system. ... All in all another busy weekend of information sharing and some great opportunities to talk with some of the major players in aging research today."

Link: http://www.americanaging.org/welcome.html


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