Better Calorie Restriction Press

From NBC11, another reminder that more scientific investigation of the practice of calorie restriction and its health benefits is turning skeptical, ignorant press attention into more educated, supportive press attention. "Studies prove that in animals, calorie restriction works. Monkeys, rodents, even fish sometimes live up to twice as long when they're forced to eat less. The initial human research suggests that even exercise can't compete with cutting calories when it comes to living longer. The calorie cutters in the studies had almost zero heart-attack risk. They had the blood pressure and cholestorol levels of a teenager, even when they were in their 50s." Scientists are still the arbiters of truth in our culture - and rightfully so. We should remember this in our efforts to advocate greater funding for directed anti-aging research: the more science that is funded, the more ammunition flows back to advocates to aid in advancing the debate.



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