Better Delivery Means Better Therapies

Via AzoNano, a glance at the proliferation of clever new technologies for targeting therapies - most notably anti-cancer therapies - to a particular location in the body. Killing cancer cells is easy, but doing it without harming healthy tissue is extraordinarily hard; one might say that this is the main hurdle to be overcome by present day research. Nanoscale manufacturing and the automation made possible by advancing information technology is leading to up to a leap in effectiveness for a wide range of present and possible therapies: "The nanomedicine work [has] far-reaching implications for a variety of disease areas, including neurological disease and cardiac disease ... Because the nanocarriers proved to be significantly stable and because they retained the PDT drugs, we are optimistic that they will be able to deliver a wide range of therapies to tumors or other disease sites in the body without any significant loss in the circulatory system or in normal tissues."


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