From Cancer To Neural Regrowth

From Newswise, a report of a potentially positive outgrowth from cancer research: "Our finding suggests that the same process this protein uses for proliferating cancer could also potentially be used to regrow axons that are damaged in spinal cord injuries or neurological diseases ... The proteins - known as Id proteins - are abundant in the cells of many different types of cancer [and] were known to promote tumor growth and aid in the spread of cancer. ... Normally neurons cannot regenerate damaged axons because of the presence of myelin, a substance that surrounds the axons, but the degradation-resistant "super" Id protein was able to promote axon growth even in the presence of myelin. ... there is no chance that such a therapy would cause cancer in the brain or spinal cord. ... Neurons have completely lost the ability to create new cells so there's no danger of creating a tumor. The only growth they're capable of is regeneration of their axons."



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