MPrize for Anti-Aging Research Passes $3.5M in Cash and Pledges

Good news from the Methuselah Foundation: Ali-Reza Anghaie, the newest - and 92nd - philanthropic supporter of anti-aging research to join The Three Hundred, has pushed the MPrize fund total of cash and pledges past $3.5 million. Congratulations to all the past and present donors for another impressive goal reached!

If you're a science journalist or researcher working with mice and potential longevity science, the MPrize for anti-aging research is becoming increasingly reputable and increasingly hard to ignore. That will only continue as the funds roll in.

I should note that the $3.5 million in the prize fund is in addition to more than half a million dollars in expense and LysoSENS research contributions from generous donors worldwide. People want to see progress in serious, mainstream, scientific efforts to to produce effective therapies for age-related degeneration - and here is the proof of that.

At this rate it isn't going to be too much longer before I start reminding folk that The Three Hundred really is limited to 300 donors - the first 300 visionaries of ordinary means with the courage to change the world for the better. By taking a stand and placing your name squarely in favor of longer, healthier lives and better medical science, you lay the foundations for more five and six figure donations to the cause. Somewhere out there, another million dollar donor is pondering whether or not to take the plunge! You can help make this happen - and all for the cost of a coffee a day.

Remember: the future of your health and longevity is what you make it to be. The only viable way forward is to lend your support to research that will lead to longer, healthy lives for all.

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