On Growth Hormone Again

Via Yahoo! Sports, a fairly sensible article on growth hormone, the darling of the most disreputable, irresponsible end of the "anti-aging" marketplace. As I usually note when on this topic, growth hormone treatments appear to have legitimate uses for some conditions and injuries. It is certainly not the case that there is anywhere near a gold standard of evidence for general anti-aging use, however - compare the wide-ranging disagreements between possible results, benefits and damage to health resulting from growth hormone studies with the strong agreement and far more impressive results for the practice of calorie restriction, for example. Many organizations have a great deal of money vested in convincing you to buy growth hormone products, whether or not the science is there to back up their claims, and regardless of whether it will help or harm your health. It should always be your choice to try or not, but be appropriately skeptical.

Link: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news?slug=jp-hgh061206


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