Russian Cryonics

The St. Petersburg Times provides an interesting look at the culture and goals of cryonics seen through Russian eyes. "'We founded the company because human life is the most important thing there is. To lose a life without putting up a fight is a crime.' Potapov and his co-founders say they are Transhumanists, who believe technology can be used to transform human life and postpone death indefinitely. They founded Kriorus, the world's first cryonics company outside the United States, in 2005 so that they and their family members would have a place to stay until medicine found a way to bring them back to life. Now, for $9,000, anyone can spend eternity, or some portion of it, in cryonic stasis." This all sounds similar to the early history of cryonics in the US; a few people standing up to try and make a difference. More power to them. Cryonics remains the only option for people who will die before the coming era of working healthy life extension medicine: in a kinder world, this industry would be prospering.



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