Spreading Vitrification Research

No-one really wants to die and be vitrified to await a possible - plausible - future in which medical technology can repair damage and restore life. On the other hand, a sensible person will choose this over a future as worm food, forever dead and beyond the reach of any future science. Cryonics is an insurance policy against dying before the arrival of real anti-aging technologies, and as such we should pay attention to cryopreservation science: "the fact that in aqueous solution, the water component can be slowly supercooled to the glassy state and warmed back without the crystallization implies that, in principle, if the suitable cyroprotectant is created, cells in plants and living matter could withstand a large supercooling and survive." Vitrification science is already progressing well, but is not well known - as illustrated by the lack of awareness in this press release. Still, press releases and media attention are a part of spreading scientific knowledge nowadays; if it means more attention is given to the cryonics industry, all to the better.

Link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=45621


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