6th Alcor Conference, October 2006

I received a professionally produced conference brochure from Alcor just today; their 6th conference later this year looks to be a very worthwhile event, headlined by an impressive cast of luminaries. This year's topic is "An Inside Look at the Science and Medicine of Tomorrow." From the Alcor website: "Is it possible to live to 1000 years of age or beyond? Will nanomedicine and medical nanorobots dramatically extend the human lifespan? Can cryopreserved organs and human beings be revived in the future? Join us and members of our community to hear distinguished speakers present their provocative insights into where we are today and what's possible tomorrow in antiaging, life extension research, nanotechnology, organ preservation, cryonics and more." Arizona is looking more and more like the place to be these days.

Link: http://www.alcor.org/conferences/2006/


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