A Better Alzheimer's Drug

Better biotechnology improves the quality of the old-school drug pipeline, as illustrated by this BBC article on a Alzheimer's drug: "Tests in mice have shown the drug, PBT2, prevents build up of the amyloid protein linked to the disease. Protein levels dropped by 60% within 24 hours of a single dose, and memory performance improved within five days. ... Human tests are due to start next month, followed by a major international trial next year. ... This data is compelling and very exciting because it shows that PBT2 not only may facilitate the clearance of [amyloid-beta] from the brain or prevent its production, but more importantly may improve cognition. ... Scientists still have a lot of work to do before a drug could be available for patients. Much more research is needed even to see whether preventing the amyloid build-up is really a true benefit for patients."

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/5210048.stm


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