Another Positive Cryonics Article

A nice piece on Alcor and cryonics can be found at the East Valley Tribune: "Because of the increase in clientele, Alcor, a nonprofit organization, has recently had to expand the 'patient bay' that now holds 28 [vitrified] bodies and 46 heads. The patients range from a 21-year-old woman who died of a mysterious illness to a 99-year-old man who died of old age. They will remain in longterm storage until the thawing process is perfected and cures are found for old age, cancer and other diseases, Jones said. While the odds of reanimation are questionable, Jones said amazing medical advancements such as cloning and stem cell research are making the possibility of cryonics not so far-fetched. ... Science fiction is becoming science fact on a daily basis. Why is it such a stretch for this to be along that path?"



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