Fundraising For a CR Study

The Calorie Restriction (CR) Society is raising funds for a new biomarker study: "how can you know whether your limited-calorie lifestyle really slows aging? And whether are not you are practicing calorie restriction, how will you know if supplements, exercise, amount of protein intake, hormone replacements or any other of the myriad choices that are persuasively argued for - actually accelerates aging or increases risk of cancer or other serious disease? An objective method of evaluation is vital to avoid life-shortening mistakes. That's why the Calorie Restriction Society has initiated a milestone study that will correlate human calorie restrictors' genetic expression and cell signaling indicators to clinical markers. Once these correlations are established, serious longevists will be equipped with easy-to-run clinical tests that indicate how well their regimens are working." The Society is looking for $230,000 in donations; matching grants will be posted soon.



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