Immortality Institute Redesign

The new Immortality Institute home page is up and running - a far better reflection of the discussions and activities coordinated within the forums. The Institute has become a watering hole for a well-connected group of younger life scientists, advocates and supporters; these folk stand firmly in support of rapid progress towards the technologies of radical life extension. The new front page shows this well: mainstream scientific publications by members; serious discussions of pressing questions in present day aging research.

As examples of the type of discussion taking place in the Immortality Institute forums, you might want to peruse the following threads:

Telomerase does not lead to cancer, increasing cellular lifespan is safe:

If someone can offer an explanation other than tumour suppression for why all human cell types express only the absolute minimum quantity of telomerase that is compatible with their lifelong function, I'll start to take the life-extension potential of these reports more seriously. Until then...

Basement Biotech Startups, Poised to Rock the Boat?

I'm rooting for these people, because we need to see more competition in that marketplace. I'm particularly rooting for those who'll provide the fundamental enabling products that unleash the creativity of others -- the bioinformatics tools, the lab-on-a-chip devices, the gene-parsing and analysis software, the low-cost rapid gene-sequencers, the gene synthesizers, the gene-parsing and analysis software, cheaper and smaller protein crystallography systems, etc, etc. But in which area will we first see movement coming from? Which part of the logjam or gordian knot will loosen up first? I'm thinking it's the lab-on-a-chip devices which will create the most movement in the biotech industry.

Massive bombardment of memespace, with life extension and transhumanism

I having been reading some of the old discussions and have realized how little progress we have been making in the last ten years. We still have to discuss why relevant science is not being progressed with deserved effort, or wonder why public does not know jack about this field.

Cumulative effect of antiaging interventions?

This area of research is totally, ridiculously neglected, especially in higher animals. Great question. Should have been systematically asked long ago in the lab, imo. For a start, this is an inspiring experiment in worms.

If you want more of a window into this fascinating, active portion of the healthy life extension community, then support the Institute by joining as a full member:

"Never doubt that a group of people can change the world. Indeed that is all that ever has." - Margaret Mead

We make the future that we will live in: today we are presented with the opportunity to participate in making a future of far healthier, far longer, far better lives. There is no more noble goal in life than to work towards the medical technologies that will create more healthy life for everyone; to work towards the defeat of age-related suffering, frailty and pain.

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Cool, it's hard to keep up on the various ImmInst topics so it's great to have people like you to pick out ones of interest. This is a cool site.

Posted by: Tyciol at July 16th, 2006 6:23 PM

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