The Life Extension Survey

The Life Extension Survey (or LESurvey) is another of the outreach projects put together by active volunteers and advocates of the Immortality Institute forums - kudos to them for standing up, getting things done and growing the community. Support for meaningful anti-aging research doesn't just grow on trees, you know!

The LESurvey is one portion of a larger outreach and awareness effort in the MySpace community. Advocates are leveraging the automation and communication features provided by this sort of online space, so as to expose more people to the concepts of healthy life extension and the plausible future of research in that field. The survey is professionally done, and the results to date should provide food for thought. As Michael Anissimov points out:

Gives a good idea of the opinions of the average Myspace user towards life extension. Apparently most Myspace users are Christian, but cautiously supportive of life extension.

Surveys are notoriously fickle, unreliable tools, but I found this interesting: for the question on length of life desired, most people answered "Depends how things go, but I would like to have the choice to live as long as I want." A tremendous well of resources lies out there, waiting for advocates to find the key to tapping it.

If you would like to read more about - or participate in - these efforts to spread awareness of healthy life extension within online communities, you'll find more information in the following discussion threads:

Outreach Campaign: 200,000 Impressions Monthly, Help needed.

Outreach Campaign: 200,000 --Survey Questions--, Your survey question suggestions here

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