Fast Forward Radio Interview With Aubrey de Grey

The folks over at the Speculist have posted the latest issue of Fast Forward Radio: an interview with biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, originator of the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) and advocate for vastly greater resources to be devoted to the rapid development of radical life extension and the defeat of degenerative aging.

Aubrey de Grey talked with us about SENS, The Methuselah Mouse Prize, and the SENS Challenge. We also get into why people try to make aging out to be a good thing and potential career options for the very long-lived. Plus, we look at the recent news that people seem to be living longer and healthier lives (which we commented about here) and how some have responded to these developments.

And if it's not too late to put in one more note about our recent blogiversary, here's the original Speculist interview with Aubrey from 2003.

Research relevant to SENS is taking place all round the world today, incidentally bringing us closer practical technologies capable of repairing some classes of age-related cellular and biochemical damage. Research explicitly under the SENS umbrella is just getting started, however: generous donors to the Methuselah Foundation have made possible the first steps in LysoSENS research. More is to come, but more funding is alwasys needed for projects of this ilk.

Read the outline for the proposed Institute for Biomedical Gerontology to see what de Grey would set underway with access to large-scale funding. This is the sort of vision we need to make real progress - and it's the sort of vision that is spurring other factions within the philanthropic and scientific communities into action.

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