The Right Attitude to the Future

Eric Boyd has the right idea about healthy life extension, the future and our attitudes towards both: "the purpose of a goal isn't to achieve what it states, it's to motivate you to work at it in the now. ... A good example of that is longevity - in theory, it's just extra years beyond age 75 or so, and therefore not important to me for another (75-28=) 47 years. But in practice, the implications extend right back to things I should be doing now. The most obvious is, I need to be in good health in order to benefit from extra years of longevity treatment development, because it would be a huge shame to be just on the wrong side of the 'escape velocity' point." In other words, you have the power to shape your future - and we can collaborate to build a better future for all of us, starting with the development of healthy life extension technologies and moving on to the defeat of aging.


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