Thought For the Day: Let's Get the Job Done Already

I noticed a good thought for the day prompted by an article on healthy life extension and aging science from earlier this year:

As a believer in the ability of human being, using the scientific method, to achieve almost anything I have no doubt whatsoever that we can end aging. If progress can be made with mice it can be made with men. A man is a more impressive creature than a mouse but biologicly they are equally complex.


Unnecessary death annoys me. If the survival of the individual is not a "social good" then be damned to whoever holds that notion of society. I think we should start thinking about what to do to ameliorate the inevitable problems but that we should SPEND THAT MONEY.

Spend the money and get out there and fix the problem already - and support those who are already working on it. Life's normal array of problems plus more healthy, vigorous, experienced folk to tackle them has to be better than the age-related suffering and incapacity of hundreds of millions plus the death of one hundred thousand each and every day.

One day - the day you try not to think about - this will all be a very personal, vital issue for you. What sort of future would you rather live in: one with or without advanced medicine capable of repairing age-related cellular damage before it leads to frailty and death? If you choose life and health, it's up to you to make sure that future happens, and happens soon enough to make a difference.

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