The Coalition to Extend Life

This one was noted by the busy bees of the Immortality Institute: a lobbying effort for funding the attainment of physical immortality. (As opposed to, say, big-tent "politics of the practical" lobbying efforts to fund very modest gains of a few years, or avoiding the lobbying path altogether in favor of philanthropic funding). As for the Immortality Institute's positioning and message, the Coalition is all the way out there as suitable outrageous extreme. Plausible extremes backed by science tend to push the boundaries of more commonplace debate.

The tactic of advocating and publicizing technologically plausible extremes in radical life extension has been working pretty well in the past few years. The level and content of discussion of healthy life extension in the mainstream has indeed been greatly improved - and this feeds back to advocacy and basic research by way of increased support and funding for real anti-aging science.

As for all such things, it's rather hard to tell how much effort is behind it from the website, but that portion of the job is well done. The messaging is good. I can't say as I support the whole big government, tax dollar, work the system, public funding thing - but as always, live the life you want to live and work to the future in the way you see as best. In that respect, it's rather ironic that the Coalition to Extend Life message starts with a quote from Thoreau:

The great American author, Henry David Thoreau, wrote, "Time is but the stream I go fishing in." All of us enter that stream at birth and for a period of years we float along in different directions; experience joys and sorrows; taste the fruits that life has to offer and, inevitably, one day the water disappears and suddenly we no longer exist. Death has arrived and our short time on earth has expired.

As for the rest, I am happy to see more folk talking well and earnestly on the topic of radical life extension, physical immortality and the defeat of age-related degeneration:

As cognizant human beings we know that heretofore all people have reached a point where they die. This existential truth weaves its' way thru art, philosophy, religion, medicine, science, and other intellectual undertakings that attempt to understand our existence. Over the course of history there have been attempts to cure the insidious disease of aging but no "Fountain of Youth" has been found to halt the inevitable disintegration for our body, and its' ultimate demise.

Death is a mystery that is hard to comprehend. Like any mystery, though, it can be solved. In laboratories all over this world scientists are beginning to explain why cells age and die and how they can be rejuvenated. Breakthroughs on the biochemical processes that cause aging allow us to achieve immortality. The Coalition to Extend Life is dedicated to combating aging and promoting immortality for all. The struggle will not be easy. Immortality will change how we look at the world, and quite frankly many people fear new ideas and will vehemently oppose the radical transformation that will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to begin now!

I decided to start this organization because I do not look forward to death. I hope you feel the same way. Obviously, this is an idealistic goal but when you consider the alternatives, it makes a great deal of sense to fight for your dream, especially since it is within your grasp.

I sincerely hope you will be an active member of C.E.L. Together we can build a movement and create a society in which people can live indefinitely.

I am dedicating my life to this cause since I am not getting any younger; and neither are you.


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Excellent, I'll be joining this coalition. The more orgs dedicated, the better. Perhaps get enough and they can collect on some issues and form an alliance promoting them.

Posted by: Tyciol at September 2nd, 2006 4:45 PM

How/when will the practical reality of longevity "medicine" actually happen? Who will controll the "distribution" of the "products and services" that can make this realilistically possible?!!! HELLO!!! WHO CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION? Will somebody please respond!!!
Thank you

Posted by: Jim Schultze at July 19th, 2010 6:42 PM

@Jim: the same people who "control" the distribution of heart surgery and cancer therapies today. Which is to say a broad mix of providers, customers, and the fat finger of government regulators. It's all medicine under the hood.

Posted by: Reason at July 19th, 2010 6:45 PM

I hope we can work together to overcome death!!!

Posted by: Tom Mooney at February 16th, 2014 9:15 AM

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