More Healthy Life Extension Mini-Interviews

Attila Csordás has hit on a good meme with this short interview question and answer format on aims and means for healthy life extension. A couple more can be found over at the Pimm blog, such as with David Kekich, one of the first donors to the MPrize for anti-aging research, and brain behind the Maximum Life Foundation - an ongoing search for a self-sustaining healthy life extension research funding engine.

Maximum Life CEO David Kekich: the investment strategy of life extension

I have basically committed all my professional efforts to help reverse aging within the next 25 years. My commitment was a by product of watching my parents relatives slowly deteriorate and die off due to aging related conditions. Life extension was also a strong interest of mine since my late 20’s, about 35 years ago. My total commitment happened as a result of a productivity and goal reaching exercise designed to show how much productive time I had left to accomplish my goals. My conclusion was, I needed to live longer.

Maximum Life’s James Clement: what can a lawyer do for life extension?

The vast majority of the public still thinks that extreme life extension is science fiction. Blogs and websites can help educate them as to how close we really are to ending the suffering of disease and aging. Every day, 100,000 individuals die from aging related disease. If we are to put an end to this travesty as soon as possible, we need to motivate the public to make this a priority of our society.

Life extension interviews: Nick Bostrom and the philosopher’s point of view

I’m in favor of research into anti-aging medicine for precisely the same reasons that I’m in favor of cancer research, heart disease research, and diabetes research: because it might prevent or cure disease and save lives.


If you put your effort into building awareness and support, try not to talk exclusively to other life extension supporters, but also reach out to other audiences. Speak up; don’t let negative attitudes to healthy longevity go unchallenged.

You might know Nick Bostrom as the author of the truly excellent Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant - if you haven't yet read it, shame on you. Get thee hence and do so this very instant.

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