An Interview With John Schloendorn

Over at Pimm, you'll find an interview on healthy life extension with LysoSENS researcher John Schloendorn: "LysoSENS by itself is meant to address only parts of the age-related damage we accumulate. Magically achieving all LysoSENS goals would not extend life greatly, because other exponentially rising causes of death should rapidly take over, most importantly cancer. Thus, LysoSENS by itself would presumably count as moderate life extension. However, the major part of the reason I am doing LysoSENS is to support the Methuselah Foundation and all of its efforts. The goal of the Methuselah Foundation is to 'declare the arrival of the real war on aging and use our new tools to attack aging at its root, the fundamental biological processes which drive it.' A proof of concept for LysoSENS would presumably greatly increase the resource influx for the Methuselah Foundation, and so all things considered this would probably make me committed to 'maximum' life extension."



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