Deciphering Regeneration

It's only a matter of time until scientists decipher the biochemistry of regeneration in lower animals - and then develop the technology to bring the same to humans. Another step forward in the process is noted by EurekAlert!: "apoptosis has [a] critical role in regeneration. ... Simply put, some cells have to die for regeneration to happen. ... We were surprised to see that some cells need to be removed for regeneration to proceed. It is exciting to think that someday this process could be managed to allow medically therapeutic regeneration. ... when apoptosis is inhibited during the first 24 hours, regeneration cannot proceed ... Later inhibition of apoptosis has no effect, suggesting that the programmed death of a specific cellular component is a very early step in the regeneration program. One possible model is that tissues normally contain a population of cells whose purpose is to prevent massive growth in the region surrounding them."



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