Following Through

You might recall I had mentioned an up and coming young poker player at Fight Aging!, and his pledge to donate a percentage of his winnings to the Methuselah Foundation in support of SENS research. He's following through with a vengence: "I am also happy to say that as I promised a few months ago, I will be giving 5% of my winnings to I said this would include the two 5k events and the 15k events, but it seems silly to include only 3 of my 4 final tables, so I will be giving them 5% from all of these events. This comes out to $13,250 which I hope can make a difference. Peter Theil pledged to match 50% of all donations towards SENS research, so this will actually be a $20,000 donation thanks to his help. ... The plan at this point is to play as many events as possible in 2007, and try to win Cardplayer's Player of the Year. It will take a little bit of luck, but I like my chances a lot. Expect me to make AT LEAST top ten in 2007 for sure." Best of luck to you, and thank you for joining those who step up to make a difference.



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