More On ReNeuron Phase I Trial

As a follow up to a recent Fight Aging! post on the regenerative medicine industry, here is another piece on the work of ReNeuron from "It is unknown as to whether stem cell therapies can repair the whole region of stroke damage in the brain or, as is more likely, just the periphery. ... We will be looking at people who have had a stroke within the last 3 to 12 months and who have a stable level of disability that isn't going to improve spontaneously. We're hoping to regenerate the area of damage through the injection of stem cells. Ultimately, it is our goal to develop a therapy that can assist in repairing the whole area of damage." It may be infrastructure technologies that come out of this and similar first generation efforts that provide the greatest value in the long term: "We can take any tissue derived stem cell and expand it up to a clonal line. There are a million possible doses [of ReN001] already made up."



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