Nanomedicine, Most Desired

From Nanodot: "As a veteran nanowatcher, I can testify that what most people want most from nanotechnology is dramatic medical advances, such as the cancer treatments now showing so much promise. ... Instead of focusing on what is or is not part of nanobiotechnology, scientists wonder more what is going on in this broad area. First, this field brings researchers together from many areas: cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, and more. In addition, nanobiotechnology aims at improving automated laboratory procedures, imaging, diagnostic assays, and more. In the near term [the] most exciting developments will probably be in cancer treatments. Some wonderful results are already coming from that area.'" Over the next two decades, the maturing of this technology base will enable development of much of the necessary toolkit for real anti-aging medicine - techniques based on the repair of damage at the molecular level, such as those proposed in the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.



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