Paul F. Glenn Backs Aubrey de Grey

More good news from the Methuselah Foundation: "In response to the recent progress report from Methuselah Foundation chairman Aubrey de Grey, we are pleased to note that the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research has stepped forward in greater support of [Methuselah] Foundation-funded SENS research with the offer of an additional $50,000 donation ... Paul F. Glenn, founder of the Glenn Foundation, said, 'We have been following the progress of Aubrey de Grey's ideas with interest, and the Thiel matching pledge allows us to leverage our funds in a highly efficient way.'" This follows a (second) $55,000 donation from the Scott B. and Anne P. Appleby Charitable Trust just last week. Exciting times! We are entering an age of considered philanthropic support for real anti-aging science - just what is needed to loosen rusted gears and get moving.



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