Towards Medical Nanoscopy

While we're on the subject of the nanotechnologies required for the development of real anti-aging medicine, here is an interesting piece from Nanowerk: "Based on the premises that diseases manifest themselves as defects of cellular proteins, these proteins have been recently shown to form specific complexes exerting their functions as if they were nanoscopic machines. Nanoscopic medicine refers to the direct visualization, analysis (diagnosis) and modification (therapy) of nanoscopic protein machines in life cells and tissues with the aim to improve human health. ... In two recent papers, the researchers introduce their concept. 'Checking and fixing the cellular nanomachinery: towards medical nanoscopy' [and] 'Nanoscopic Medicine: The Next Frontier' ... While nanoscopy refers to the visualization of structures on the nanometer scale, 'medical nanoscopy' goes beyond diagnostics by including therapeutic applications as well." The root of aging is change in proteins and other biomolecules - we need the technologies that will enable us to reliably repair our cells (and thus our bodies) at this level.



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