Who's Who in Gerontology

Researcher Joao Pedro de Magalhaes maintains a number of interesting databases at his senescence.info website. One I haven't pointed out is a Who's Who of gerontology, with listings for better-known people and companies hard at work on the biology of aging. "I hope senescence.info can also make people aware of the problem that is aging. Aging will likely be the major cause of suffering and death of those you love. It is the main reason why great artists, scientists, sportsmen, and thinkers die. ... Even so, few resources are aimed at tinkering with the biological causes of aging and most people are not even aware of that research is done on the biology of aging. Rivers of money, both in the industry and academia, flow to fight specific age-related diseases, but not to fight the aging process. Less than 20% of the National Institute of Aging's budget goes to research the basic causes of aging, which pales in comparison with the resources available to other medical problems like neurodegenerative diseases or cancer. Hopefully, senescence.info can contribute to make the public aware of the work done by gerontologists."

Link: http://whoswho.senescence.info


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