An Interview With Biosingularity's Derya Unutmaz

Biosingularity should be in your aggregated RSS feed if it isn't already. Here, Attila Chordash of Pimm conducts another of his interviews with life scientists and advocates who support healthy life extension: "What really surprises me is that one has to make an argument about [life extension]. As a medical doctor I am trained to save human lives, regardless what age you are as long as you are committed to living. ... The point is not live forever, the purpose of all medical science is to give people chance to live from things they die if they want to continue living, including those that kill you because your body ages. I am going to be blunt and say that it is nonsense that we have to make an argument for life! ... Treating or controlling indefinitely all chronic deadly human diseases should be achievable within the next 25-30 years ... I anticipate continuous body regeneration soon after that within the next 40 years. ... Once we achieve biosingularity, a point when we can completely reprogram and regenerate and design from scratch novel biological systems, we should have achieved not only indefinite life span but also began reversal of aging. I anticipate around mid of this century people will look back to now, as we have do for those who lived hundred of years ago, and feel sorry how little control we had."


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