Alcor Is Hiring

Cryonics provider and research organization Alcor is looking for a research scientist: "We have an immediate job opening for a research scientist. The candidate will be working in Alcor's R&D lab, assisting in research on cerebral ischemia, cardiopulmonary bypass, hypothermia, and cryobiology. The candidate will also assist in human cryopreservations and related tasks. Requirements include a graduate degree and experience in biology, biochemistry, or other medical science. Candidates must have a publication history. Preference is given to candidates who demonstrate a familiarity with cryonics and human cryopreservation." By way of a reminder, Alcor recently celebrated its 35th anniversary, and is presently nearing completion of the 2006-2007 Matching Grant for Intermediate Temperature Storage Research - help out if you can. All too many people presently alive today will have no other option than cryonic suspension as a chance for healthy life in the future, as they will age to death faster than healthy life extension technologies can be developed and commercialized.



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