Regeneration With Embryonic Stem Cells

Progress in using embryonic stem cells for regeneration is noted at EurekAlert!: "researchers have safely transplanted cardiac preprogrammed embryonic stem cells into diseased hearts of mice successfully regenerating infarcted heart muscle without precipitating the growth of a cancerous tumor - which, so far, has impeded successful translation into practice of embryonic stem cell research. ... Embryonic stem cells have the potential to become any cell type in the body. But directing the stem cells to regenerate targeted tissue is a process that hasn't yet been perfected. Scientists continue to closely scrutinize stem cell strategies to establish even safer and more effective treatments for disease. ... Embryonic stem cells are like a stealth fighter jet that flies virtually undetectable by radar. The host body doesn’t recognize embryonic stem cells, which it allows to multiply freely in an unimpeded fashion. ... The [study] is the first known report of a successful strategy for programming embryonic stem cells to suppress cancer genes, to mature into heart cells (also known as cardiomyocytes) and to successfully fix injured hearts without causing tumors to develop. The study removes a critical obstacle towards translation of regenerative technology into developing new therapies for people with heart disease."



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