What Calorie Restriction Does For You

No new news here from phillyBurbs.com for those already familiar with the human calorie restriction studies of the past couple of years, but still worth showing to your friends: "The 48 participants, all slightly overweight, were randomly assigned to one of four groups: calorie restriction, which cut usual daily calories by 25%; calorie restriction plus exercise, which cut daily calories by 12.5% and increased physical activity by 12.5% five days a week; very low calories, with an 890-calorie liquid diet for up to about three months followed by a weight-maintenance diet; and a control group that aimed to keep weight steady. ... Their insulin levels fell and metabolisms slowed - changes that are thought to increase longevity. ... Blood tests showed substantial decreases in the amount of age-related DNA damage in each of the three dieting groups, compared with their initial levels. That kind of microscopic damage is linked to cancer and other age-related ailments, but it's unknown whether the small changes seen in the study would affect the study volunteers' disease risks. No changes were seen in the control group. Insulin levels also decreased after six months in all three reduced calorie groups. Core body temperature also dipped slightly in two low-calorie groups but not in the liquid-diet or control group. The results show that the diets are safe, and not impossible to follow."

Link: http://www.phillyburbs.com/pb-dyn/news/276-02192007-1301557.html


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