Calorie Restriction Society Conference DVDs Available

The Calorie Restriction Society is making available DVDs of the last three Society conferences, held in 2003, 2004 and 2006.

There are two DVDs for each conference (Volume 1 and Volume 2). Each stores about 7 hours of video, for a total of about 14 hours of video for each conference. This allows essentially all the talks at each conference to fit onto the two DVD set. The DVDs are packaged in a slim plastic case, which takes up very little space. They use the DVD-R media type and the VCD encoding format which play on most (more than 90%) of DVD players, and essentially all computers with a working DVD ROM drive.

You can find a list of the contents by following the links below:

There is a strong emphasis on the science of calorie restriction and its effects on health and longevity throughout; the members of the CR Society have always fostered strong ties with the research community. The 2006 conference features presentations from Luigi Fontana, Aubrey de Grey, Edward J. Masoro, Caleb Finch, Steven Austad and Steven Spindler, for example - quite the array of researchers with interests in aging, longevity and calorie restriction.

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I want to extend my life as much as possible but I sometimes wonder if a restricted calorie diet just doesn't require too much of a trade-off. In other words, is another couple of years of life worth it if you can't enjoy some fun foods and the occasional splurge? I went on one diet that was so rigid, I just couldn't stick with it. I'm nearly 70 so know that, best case, I don't have a lot of years left. So, the question becomes -- how much do I want to punish myself with a really harsh diet?

Posted by: Doug Hanna at March 28th, 2007 7:57 AM
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