Israeli Parkinson's Research

A glance at some of the Parkinson's research from young Israeli concerns via Globes Online: "The damaged neurons of patients suffering from Parkinson's can no longer create dopamine in the brain, thus causing the muscle tremors, rigidity and twitches that make life a nightmare for them. When given synthetically, dopamine relieves the patient's symptoms but its effect is temporal and is associated with significant side effects. Reubinoff hopes to successfully transplant these converted dopamine producing neurons into the human body, enabling the body to resume producing its own dopamine. ... While Parkinson's patients show an inflammation of the central nervous system, anti-inflammatory medication has not helped. Proneuron's research has shown that boosting the right immune system response can successfully modulate the immune activity to become beneficial for neuronal survival and renewal. This approach has the potential not only to attenuate or stop disease progression, but also to restore lost function."


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