More Melatonin Research

People - within and without the scientific community - spend far more time than is warranted in the study of compounds and lifestyle that are never going to have a large effect on aging. Yet a ferocious attention is given to the slightest rumor and every study involving food and supplements - while practical methods of moving far beyond the world of pills and diet are neglected. From ScienceDaily: researchers concluded "that the consumption of melatonin - a natural substance produced in small amounts by human beings and present in many types of food - delays the oxidative damage and inflammatory processes typical of the old age. ... not only did this substance neutralize the oxidative stress and the inflammatory process caused by aging, but it also delayed its effects, thus increasing longevity." The further conclusions from the researcher seem overstated - until you realize that melatonin is illegal to use in his country, and dealing with that meddling injustice is partially why this research release exists in the first place. Melatonin may be nothing compared to the prospects of SENS and other future medicine, but people should stand up for the right to ingest whatever they see fit to ingest.


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